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Tourism in Sri Lanka

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Sri lanka Holidays and Tours with Sri Lanka Travel

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The land of serendipity brings spiritual tranquility and a chance to rediscover oneself.

Sri Lanka Tourism

Kandy Esala Perahera or the procession is a tradition and the cultural Esala Perahera actually comprises of five separate Peraheras - four from the Kandy devales (shrines) to the deities – with order of precedence maintained throughout.

Sri Lanka Tourism launches its new brand identity ‘So Sri Lanka’ at World Travel Market in London November 8, admingajaba News Sri Lanka Tourism launched its new destination brand identity entitled ‘So Sri Lanka,’ on 5 th November at a gala event at the Grosvenor House London Ballroom, coinciding with the World Travel.

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Lanka Nature Tours is a specialist inbound tour operator that is truly your gateway to the amazing paradise island of Sri Lanka. We organize Special Interest Tours, Sports Tours, Nature Based Tours, Eco Holidays, Adventure Tours, Study Tours, Cultural Tours, Beach Holidays, Wellness Holidays, Incentive Tours and Tailor Made Holidays for Luxury.

Find travel ideas for planning your holiday to Sri Lanka. Discover things to see and do, places to stay and more. This is the official site of Sri Lanka Tourism.

Find travel ideas for planning your holiday to Sri Lanka. Discover things to see and do, places to stay and more.

Sri lanka Holidays and Tours with Sri Lanka Travel

This is the official site of Sri Lanka Tourism.

Sri lanka travel tourism
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