Reflection on visiting orphanage

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Reflections from an Orphanage Visit

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On not visiting an orphanage in Cambodia

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It tells about a biologist, Dr. Phillips and a mysterious woman. One day while Dr. Phillips was doing an experiment on starfish, a woman with black came into his room mysteriously.

Returning to My Orphanage. By Remi L. My name, given to me by adopted parents, is Remi Tai L. I was born somewhere in Hanoi, Vietnam and was left in front of a social security building soon after. I’ve started this post several times. Each time, the blank screen stares back at me until I resign to turn off the computer and try again another day.

Day Four: visiting the orphanage I really don’t know how to accurately describe the despair and emptiness and gripping desperation we saw and experienced that Tuesday afternoon in a small orphanage in Kinshasa.

Kadena Airmen visit orphanage in Philippines

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If you have ever had the experience of visiting an orphanage or a refugee camp, you will notice immediately that there are many people who are in much worse circumstances and are in great need of our help and support.

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It has been just over 3 weeks since our team from All God’s Children International (AGCI) and Rain City Church visited the government-run orphanages in Addis Ababa (see my previous post “A Hard Day in Addis Ababa“).I am now back in the safety and relative luxury of the bubble which I’ve carefully created for me and my family here in Seattle over the past couple of decades.

Reflection on visiting orphanage
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