Predictive corrective incompressible sph

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We extend a Predictive Corrective Incompressible SPH (PCISPH) algorithm to a volume controllable SPH algorithm.

Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics

In order to handle volume changes, we develop a method to control fluid volume. Openworm has been developing Sibernetic, a C++ implementation of the Predictive-corrective Incompressible Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (PCI-SPH) algorithm based on the work of Solenthaler.

The algorithm has been extended to model contractile matter and membranes for simulating the muscle tissue of the C.

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elegans. "Predictive-Corrective Incompressible SPH" "Versatile Surface Tension and Adhesion for SPH Fluids" (adhesion is not implemented!) All the code was created for an university project during one semester and comes as it is.

Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) is a computational method used for simulating the dynamics of continuum media, such as solid mechanics and fluid flows.

It was developed by Gingold and Monaghan () and Lucy () initially for astrophysical problems. It has been used in many fields of research, including astrophysics, ballistics, volcanology, and oceanography. Quoting from Solenthaler et.

al. Predictive-Corrective Incompressible SPH (ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 28, No. 3, Article 40, Publication date: August ) (PDF link. I've considered implementing predictive-corrective incompressible SPH: Link 1 Link 2.

Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics

Other Work. Click here to see some of my other work, including some more information about my renderer, which I used to render the images of my liquid simulation.

Predictive corrective incompressible sph
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