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Panera Bread Co.

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Panera Bread

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Panera Bread

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In an otherwise sluggish restaurant industry, Panera Bread (NASDAQ:PNRA)- known to its original fans as St. Louis Bread Company - stands out as one of the fastest growing At Panera, items designated as vegan have no animal sources: no meat, fish, shellfish, milk, egg or honey products, and no enzymes and rennet from animal sources.

All items are prepared in the same kitchen area where non-vegan products are prepared. Most of Panera Bread’s soup choices are so high in sodium that they take up a major part of your daily allotment. I once had an older couple approach my cash register, asking about a good warm meal to combat the winter weather.

Nov 02,  · Free You Pick Two® meals for veterans and service members began in the Covelli-owned Panera Bread cafes inand since then the company has given away nearlyfree meals to service men.

Aug 22,  · Watch video · Panera Bread is the latest food brand gobbled up by European conglomerate JAB Holdings. \r\nVideo provided by TheStreet. (Panera Bread Co, ) Company Overview Au Bon Pain Company Founded in Boston, Massachusetts Purchased Saint Louis Bread Company in Sold Au Bon Pain Division in Changed company name to Panera Bread Company The Panera Bread Company’s name is derived from the words: “Pan” which means bread in Spanish and Italian.

Panera bread company
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