Human resource planning proposal for harbour

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Plan Group Human Resources

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S.I. No. 600/2001 - Planning and Development Regulations, 2001

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In this document, the ‘urban planning system’ is defined as the statutory and governance frameworks that incorporate decisions by councils, central government and the private sector about urban spaces. This policy provides the overarching framework for high design quality in development, conservation and enhancement proposals within the County.

The Plan aspires to design-led regeneration through high quality, sustainable construction which protects and modernises local distinctiveness, raises energy efficiency, minimises waste and protects the natural environment.

Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more. /17 Annual Report.


Brief is the official journal of the Law Society. Its purpose is to keep members informed about what the Law Society is doing, as well as publishing articles of interest to the Western Australian legal profession.

Human resource planning proposal for harbour
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