Chemical senses

Animation 1: Chemical Signaling Mechanisms and Amplification

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What Are the Chemical Senses?

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The stimuli for taste are chemical substances dissolved in water or other fluids. Taste can be described as four basic sensations, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, which can be combined in various ways to make all other taste sensations.

Extreme Chemical Sensitivity Makes Sufferers Allergic to Life

Extreme Chemical Sensitivity Makes Sufferers Allergic to Life. Its sufferers were once dismissed as hypochondriacs, but there's growing biological evidence to explain toxicant-induced loss.

Short Term Memory Test Directions You are about to do a small short term memory test.

‘Old-Person Smell’ Really Exists, Scientists Say

A few letters will flash on your computer monitor for 3 seconds. The chemical senses are the senses of smell (olfaction) and taste (gustation). Smell is a distant chemical sense, providing information about the chemical composition of substances before you come into the direct contact with them. Discover a free online collection of Chemical Senses papers, which have been highly cited in sensory science research.

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Chemical senses
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