A company analysis of american apparel

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SWOT ANALYSIS ON American Apparel

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Introduction. American Apparel is a vertically integrated manufacturer. Founded in After success as a wholesale brand, the company moved into the retail market.

American Apparel, is an American multi-national clothing manufacturer, distributor and retailer since based in Los Angeles, California. Dov Charney, a Canadian business man was a founder and former CEO of the company.

Mar 22,  · I've been a business journalist specializing in the retail industry for over a decade, covering consumer news, company profiles and industry analysis. Dec 19,  · American Apparel Inc.

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founder Dov Charney, who was fired by the company this week, is working with private-equity firm Irving Place Capital on a. ®Waterapparel industry’s first water recycle/reuse standard in its supply chain. The company has also taken bold steps to reduce the.

A company analysis of american apparel
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